August, 2017

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Do you know what the youth of today hope for?

I was recently in a classroom in which a basic 4 boy asked, “Why are dreams important?” You should have seen the hands of his classmates shoot up. Here’s what the kids said:

“Having a dream gives you a direction.”
• “It helps you make better choices because you don’t want to mess up your
chances for success.”
• “Dreams help you do better in school because you got to study to get to where
you want to go.”

You see, kids know.

This is the way I see it. Dreams are imaginings of what we can make happen in our lives. We can also call them goals. We might think of them as coming in three major flavors: short-term, medium-term and long-term. For example, in a classroom setting, a short-term goal can be planning the process for completing a book report or science project. A medium-term goal is what they would like to accomplish during the school year, like playing on a team. The long-term goal is the direction they want to take for their big dream in life, like going to college or choosing a profession or trade. Each dream requires small steps and these practical steps build a

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If you don’t want to grow white hairs before you get married, here are the things you need to do to attract your man and get married on time:
1. SMILE: Men love smiling women. No, not the one that begins and ends with the mouth, the one that starts from the eyes. Genuine, loving smile attracts people, creates friendship and unlock doors! Learn to smile at people baby, women who lack men’s attention rarely smile. They are always cold and look as if they are carrying the problem of the whole world on their head! Some of these ladies even frown a lot! Look, everybody has a problem, no man wants to add another person’s problem to his own. Be a genuinely happy person and show it by smiling at people. Men will find you irresistible and seek to know you more.
2. BE HUMBLE: Humble women don’t lack suitors! One way to stay single for a long time is to be proud and cocky! Proud women are a big turn off! If you always roll your eyes at people, segregate yourself from the company of common people, talk down on anybody and you are practically rude because of your class, money, car, social status, job, etc, you will stay single forever! Be humble! Learn to accommodate all class for people. Learn to serve others. Learn to use “sir” when talking to men. Some men may tell you it doesn’t matter but secretly, they love it. Men love it when women address them with respect. Learn to be respectful and submissive to authorities.
3. BE CONFIDENT: Confident women are attractive any day any time. Knowing who you are, pursuing your dreams, vision, passion and goals makes you a confident person worth investing in. When you know your reason for being here on earth is far more than getting married, punch out few kids and stay locked in the kitchen forever, you approach life with a positive mind set, you are energetic and confident in who you are, you have a good, sound self-esteem and men are irresistibly drawn to you.
4. BE FRIENDLY: Ladies who keep to themselves hoping some Prince Charming will find

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 Scriptures: Psalm 11:3, Jeremiah 16:19, Matthew 27:21-25

Every manifestation achievements of human beings have foundations

Foundation is:
– a vital aspect of one’s life that determines what comes next
– a solid ground on which the wall of a building is resting
– a basis/ground work of anything standing or that originates

Human foundation is a person’s past, deeds & activities,

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Rev. (Dr.) Chris Tunde Joda Senior / Founding Pastor of Voice of Faith Ministries is a man on fire for God, his natural love for humanity birthed in him the deep desire to be a medical doctor, a dream which he set about and pursued faithfully and concertedly.
God, however, had a greater plan of using him not only to heal men’s physical bodies but to also make men totally whole by healing them spiritually, emotionally and financially. Being led by God to appreciate the enormity of this vision, he laid aside his medical profession and took up the mantle of Leadership of the vibrant and upwardly mobile church now known as Christ Chapel International Churches.
Dr Joda has been used of God to teach the word of faith with passion and conviction, revealing the truth and power of God’s word that has affected this generation and also laid a foundation for

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Matthew Ashimolowo was born on March 17, 1952. He is the the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London. Ashimolowo converted to Christianity from Islam when he was 22 years of age after the death of his father. After his conversion, he enrolled with a Bible school. He was born in Kaduna in the muslim dominated Northern part of Nigeria to Muslim parents. He is the 4th in a family 5 children. His father was a military officer. As Army officer, his father was constantly transferred on official duties and this meant his family was also on the move. His Islamic name was Ahmed. He lost his father to Nigerian-Biafran War. After Matthew Ashimolowo graduated from the Bible school, he began his ministerial work as an Assistant Pastor at the Foursquare Gospel church. He later traveled to the United Kingdom, where he started

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“Man can be destroyed – But not defeated” These were the words of taiye bada, a Nigeria author, a journalist and most of all a man who lost hope, when his fiancée Agnes changed her mind at the last moment and married another man. He resorted to Alcohol in order to deal with this greatest disappointment of his life.

Disappointments are common to all of us and each one of us has our own coping mechanisms. It should be noted however that the grace of God is the greatest coping mechanism of all and how we respond to our disappointments determine whether or not will experience His grace. Today I am going to share three Christ like responses all of us can follow at times of disappointments so that we can receive His grace.

  1. Deal with your emotions

(A) Disappointments cause many undesirable emotions. They become harmful to you and people around unless handled properly.

(B) Examples of such emotions: anger, un-forgiveness, frustration, hopelessness, and long lasting sorrow. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to deal with these.

(C) People who dealt with their emotions successfully: Naaman obeyed (2 Kings 5:11-14), Jesus restored Peter (John 21:15-17) and Job praised God (Job 1:20-21).

  1. Don’t blame others

(A) Blame is a very common method people use to cope with the pain of disappointments. This is a fruit of our sinful nature.

(B) Some blame God for disappointments. In the Bible though, people who overcame their disappointments actually never blamed God, (Job 1:22)

(C) Some blame others. It works sometimes, (Acts 6:1-5). But worsens the situation most of the time, (2 Kings 6:30-31). Don’t allow room to the spirit of blame in your life.

  1. Be realistic

(A) Someone said great expectations lead to great disappointments. Sometimes we get disappointed because our expectations were wrong, (Ruth 1:1-5; 20-21)

(B) God has given each one of us a certain measure of faith. Don’t think too highly of yourself, (Romans 12:3)

(C) Don’t expect God or even your spouse to behave the way you want. It’s simply unrealistic. It will never happen.


Taiye refused to move on in life. One day he finally put a gun in his mouth and ended his life at the age of 61. God wants us to move on in life. In conclusion let me tell you three things we all should do so that we can keep moving despite disappointments.

(A) Taiye had a bright future and a life ahead of him but he allowed his emotions to drive his actions. I want to encourage you today, to deal with your emotions leave your disappointments at the cross so that you shall not miss the glorious future God has for you.

(B) Many people believe they can hurt others if they hurt themselves. Taiye probably thought the same. Unlike taiye, let’s forgive those who disappoint us, so that God can restore us.

(C) Let us not live in our own worlds like taiye but face the reality. God is sovereign and sometimes when we pray He will change us instead of our situations. If you are married, patiently learn to enjoy each other’s differences instead of trying to change them.


From now on, apply these three truths every time you are disappointed and God will give you strength and grace to move on.


“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them” (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

I am speaking especially to the young people here, people under the age of 30, and especially people under the age of 25. If you’re over 30 years of age, I hope you will listen in, and come to the same Jesus Christ about whom I will preach to the young people – people who are in college or in high school, or working people of college age.

It is very easy to waste your youth, to use up your time without doing anything important, and especially without becoming a Christian. To you, it looks like you have lots of time left. In one sense, your life has been going well. You’ve been seeing your power increase from year to year as you move out of childhood towards full adulthood.

Every year you get smarter, especially as you move forward in college. Every year, you get physically stronger. Every year you become more able to earn money. Every year you become less dependent on your parents and more able to do things for yourself and to decide for yourself. Some of you are already living the way you decide instead of the way your parents or other older people decide. Some of you haven’t reached that time yet, but you’ve certainly been thinking about the time when you will be your own man or your own woman. Time is on your side, or so you think.

You may be optimistic about your life. You’ve been thinking about having a good time, about going to parties or dances or the mountains or the beach or Las Vegas and enjoying yourself. You’ve been thinking about

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The Mystery Behind Wet Dreams

The Mystery Behind Wet Dreams

There’s a mystery behind wet dream, it is simple, but sometimes complicated. It’s simple in the sense that a sexually inactive mature man may sometimes experience wet dreams which is biologically called nocturnal emission – a process whereby men experience an ejaculation of semen during the night.
Sperms has limited days in which they can last in the human body and new ones needs to be produced. Unused sperms within 21 days are reabsorbed in the body.
It is possible for females too to experience nocturnal orgasm or wet dreams – a sexual arousal during sleep that awakens them to perceive the experience of an orgasm. All of these, both male and female experiences of wet dreams are sometimes related to having sex in the dream.
So, if you haven’t had sex for years, it’s likely that you might have wet dreams. Don’t be scared, it’s a normal development that occurs in your body. But when it happens within days and weeks repeatedly, two things are involved.
First, it’s either you’re feeding your mind with lustful thoughts or pornographic materials. You’ll definitely dream of having sex at night with known or unknown persons.
People in the western world believed that having sex in the dream is only psychological in nature. While making a research on this topic, some people interpreted having sex in the dream with your girlfriend, female boss or best friend as nothing of much significance.
But to us here in Africa, we have a foundation that’s idolatrous in nature and we compete more with wicked forces than the people in the western world.
Dreams sometimes comes from God, the devil or from a man. Having sex in the dream is not from God but the devil or your handiwork. The activities of the day is sometimes replayed in the subconscious image of your mind at night through dreams. If you garbage in sexually explicit materials, expect dreams of sex or sexual immoralities at night.
Secondly, if you’re not exposed to the aforementioned, then wet dream is not just biological but spiritual and evil. The devil cages the life of men and women by allowing them to have recurrent wet dreams so that they will be dispossessed of their virtues or when something good is coming their way, it’ll be destroyed in the dream world (spiritual) before it’s manifestation in the physical.
Demonic wet dreams is aimed at oppressing it’s victim, perverting their minds and introducing failure into their lives. The devil and his fallen angels are the brain behind this dreams. Remember, he doesn’t create anything but perverts what God has created.
This issue of demonic wet dream is caused by these demons: Incubus – an evil spirit that lies on a person in their sleep; it has sexual intercourse with women while they’re sleeping and Succubus – a demon assuming a female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep. They are commonly known as spirit husband or wife and they both afflict singles and married people.
These demons are also in charge of lust and every form of sexual perversion. Exposing yourself to masturbation, pornography, sexual immoralities (fornication, adultery, incest, homosexuality etc), oral and anal sex is an invitation of these spirits into your life.
This issue of the negative implication of wet dreams may not be preached in most churches because some believe it’s not real but your unbelief doesn’t negate their existence.
What should I do if I’m having repeated sex in the dream? Or you have had one lately? No fears or worries! Immediately you wake from sleep, do the following:
1. Pray violently against such dream.
2. Cancel its effect in your life by the blood of Jesus.
3. Pray against powers sponsoring such dreams in your life and ensure that your spirit man is protected by the power in the Holy Ghost.
In addition,
1. Feed your mind daily with God’s word.
2. When feelings of lust comes during the day, verbally renounce them by confessing the word of God – 2 Corinthians 10:5
3. Guard your heart with all diligence against entrance of pornographic materials, lustful thoughts and carnal activities.
4. Pray always so that you don’t fall into temptation. Prayer keeps the soul strong and resistant to evil influences.
5. Prayerfully destroy every stronghold of lust in your life.


TEXT: Gen. 12:1-9ff Heb. 11:8-19
INTRO: What have you set your heart and sights on for your life? The direction you are looking in is where you are heading; and wherever your heart is set there you will find your commitments of time and resources.

While God’s call is different for each one of us, the courage to obey is equally important to us all! God calls everyone of us to do something for His kingdom’s sake, what we need is the courage to obey that call no matter what it is, no matter where it takes us, no matter what demand it makes on our life!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches that everyone has a call of God on their life and that each needs to courageously follow that call whether it is a call to be a godly parent or a call to be a world-wide evangelist like Billy Graham … or anything in between! It takes great courage to obey God’s call no matter what it is!

I. FORMATION STAGE Gen. 12:1-3; Heb. 11:8

A. Plans Gen. 12:1; Heb. 11:8
1. Abraham was very comfortable in UR of the Chaldeans, this was a huge city in northern Mesopotamia in the area today known as southern Iraq near the Euphrates River.
a. It was a very large city even by today’s standards, about 500,000 people!
b. It had a very sophisticated culture, i.e. extensive library, postal system, large factories, public school system, 2 story homes, well developed art, mathematics, and sciences, and one of the highest cultures of ancient times!
c. All the comforts and opportunities for wealth and happiness were to be found here. Here a man and his family could have everything they wanted or needed to be comfortable and happy for an entire lifetime.
2. BUT, God had other plans for a man named ABRAM and his wife SARAI.
3. God’s plan for Abraham’s life included a far different road than the one the world offered, and it would take him out of his comfortable surroundings to encounter a strange new land filled with many challenges!
a. God sometimes asks us to do things that we are not comfortable with or familiar with.
b. God’s plans don’t always follow what we anticipate.
4. God asks Abram to leave 3 things behind and blindly follow His plan for his life:
a. “Leave your own country.”
b. “Leave your people.”
c. “Leave your father’s house.”
d. “And go to a land I will show you!” 12:1

B. Promises Gen. 12:2-3
1. God’s plans are never without God’s promises — this is what gives us the courage to act on His will for our lives.
a. God never calls us to do something without promising to help us do what He calls us to do!
b. Sometimes those promises are the only things we have to stand on when things don’t go as we hoped or planned!
c. It is many times the promises of God that keep us going in the face of loss and confusion.
2. Sometimes God’s promises are personal, even when THINGS don’t go as we thought God had planned God could very well be using the circumstances to build our character, something that God is far more interested in than just what we DO for HIM!
a. God makes 7 wonderful promises to Abraham, promises that are inspiring and wonderful — and promises that Abraham saw little to no fulfillment of in his lifetime!
b. Yet, Abraham held to those promises like they were his bread and water, even though he saw little of them fulfilled in his own lifetime, it was these 7 promises that kept him going when opposition and trouble came. It was these 7 promises that continued to give him courage to obey!
c. Obedience however was still a choice at every junction in his life, something that had to be made over and over again!

3. It is important to know God’s promises in His Word, sometimes they are the only things that can give you courage to obey and keep going!
a. There were times when all Abraham had were God’s promises to fall back on.
b. But this was always enough for him, and it will be for us also.

II. FAULTS AND FAITH STAGE! Gen. 12:4-9ff. Heb. 11:17-19

A. Problems Gen. 12:4-9ff
1. What was life like for Abraham when he chose to have the courage to obey?
a. Well, he got bogged down for a while in Haran, he didn’t leave here until his father Terah passed away, he was delayed for a while (interestingly enough his father’s name “Terah” in Hebrew means, “DELAY”), and this happens sometimes in our life!
b. Though he was told to leave his family he finds himself stuck with Lot until things separated them later, Lot going along wasn’t in the original plan!
c. Things were not easy in the desert areas with all his flocks and servants.
d. Not long into the journey a horrible famine hit, so bad that it forced Abraham and Sarah to travel to Egypt where he nearly got himself killed because he told a half lie about his wife and his relationship to her!
e. He found himself having to go to war over freeing his nephew Lot, not something that fit into those promises too well!
f. He never did have deed to the property God told him would be his and his descendants, the most he actually owned in his lifetime was a burial plot near the Hittites, a cave called Machpelah.
g. A second time Abraham lies about his wife and almost messes up God’s plan for his life, he makes this same mistake twice! Fortunately God warned king Abimelech before any damage was done! (Gen. 20)
h. Also, we know that Abraham and Sarah both attempted to help God with one of His promises … that of a son, they tried to adopt Eliezer of Damascus — but God said that wasn’t the answer so then they used Hagar to give birth to Ishmael, but that wasn’t the answer either — not until Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 did they find God’s promise coming true!
i. They made numerous mistakes and faltered several times but they kept coming back to God’s promises and found faith again to keep the courage to obey!
2. You can’t just sit still and hope for God to give you courage, you have to act to experience it!

3. Abraham’s life journey was full of setbacks and faults, but he didn’t just sit there … he kept going with the courage to obey.

B. Perseverance Heb. 11:17-19
1. There were also times of victory and great courage as he clung to those promises of God.
a. When God asked Abraham to offer up his only son Isaac he took great courage and obeyed even though it made little sense, Abraham considered God capable of raising him from the dead if necessary, he knew God’s promise on this issue and he stood upon it unwaveringly!
b. He considered God as good as His Word!
2. These times of courage to obey is what set Abraham apart from others of his day and of our day as well!
3. Abraham’s life was one of perseverance, of trusting God to keep His promises if he simply obeyed, even when he didn’t understand!
4. Sometimes it is hard to obey God’s Word and His principles, especially when they make our life harder at times. Like tithing … it doesn’t make sense but it either works or it doesn’t — and if they are God’s plans and promises they always work!
a. We simply must learn to trust and obey!
b. Obedience to God driven by faith was what made Abraham a righteous man in God’s eyes; it was his faith that moved him to obedience that God counted as righteousness!
5. This is why we remember Abraham so well, he was not a quitter and his name still stands today as a testimony for all those who have the courage to obey!

III. FRUITFUL STAGE Heb. 11:11-13, 16

A. Partial Heb. 11:11-13
1. Abraham’s life wasn’t completely absent of the fulfillment of God’s promises … though he never saw most of God’s promises come to reality in his life he did see some fulfillment.
a. At 100 he finally got the promised son, hardly the descendants like the sand of the seashore, but one was a good start anyway!
b. He only had one son his entire lifetime, he never really saw God’s promise of a great nation, of descendants by the millions; he saw only a small start toward it!
c. Even partial fruit was enough for him however to continue the courage to obey!
2. While he didn’t get everything he wanted in his life he got enough of what God would do to keep him faithful in following Him!
3. Too many Christians do nothing if they don’t see all their big dreams come true, they are unwilling to accept less than grandiose things and thus they often miss out on great adventures for God!