The Imagemakers world is a non governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to helping and assisting the youth’s especially indigent members of our youths who are talented but lack the means and medium to express them.


The Imagemakers world provides a form for all genes to talent covering a large spectrum of lives.


Inaugurated in 2003, we currently provide tutelage and coaching for over hundred (100) people. We believe that , a balance man is one who is healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, this we as much as possible offer our members to professionally direct and point our members to God as the ultimate helper and sustainer.



Producing a generation of youths who believes and have confidence in themselves to actualize and realize their God given potential in all ramifications and to always understand that with God on their side, they are unbeatable an any endeavor of their hearts.



1.     Create and provide a platform for the youths to maximize their potentials.

2.     Offer career counseling and guidance.

3.     Create and provide means that will aid the realization of the identified potential.

4.     Provide practical methods of developing and realizing identified potentials.

5.     Training and packaging them for top level performances at the highest level of their location.




The Imagemakers world has 3 major Division. Namely;

1.     The Imagemakers Academy

2.     The Imagemakers outreach ministry

3.     The Imagemakers book ministry


The Imagemakers Academy Comprises of two institutes and they are;



We have the football and basketball players in these genes that are the major money spinner for those who engage in it as part of life.

In addition, it is one huge industry that provides or rather engages intellect of our youth and takes them away from deviant and criminal behaviors.


In this institute, we have a coach who teaches those in the school the basic technical skills and on a regular basis we meet both on the training ground and in the classroom.


Secondly, knowing that examination is the only determinant factor to determine the depth of our teaching for our students, we search for competition that allows them to test and measure their skills.


Thirdly, we provide periodic refreshers courses where practitioners and sport institute (Basketball, football) both within the sector and its allied are invited to speak. And engage students in how they can succeed in their chosen endeavor.


The periodic refresher course where we invite associate friends of the academy and who are professional in their chosen endeavors in this sphere of life is also extended to members in this department.


The sport institute currently offers training in football and basketball and we hope to expand this school to allow others with flare for other sporting activities to be part of our academy.



This department offers training in the following areas major that forms the fulcrum of entertainment industry. In this regard, practical and theorical training is provided for people with skill and talent in the following areas;