Scriptures: Psalm 11:3, Jeremiah 16:19, Matthew 27:21-25

Every manifestation achievements of human beings have foundations

Foundation is:
– a vital aspect of one’s life that determines what comes next
– a solid ground on which the wall of a building is resting
– a basis/ground work of anything standing or that originates

Human foundation is a person’s past, deeds & activities,

and those of his/her ancestors & entire lineage

                                 FACTS ABOUT FOUNDATION
– It is a platform prepare for your life by your ancestor
– It is ones root and origin upon which our life is built
– It is the bedrock upon which the structure of your life rests
– It affects your spiritual life, character, and social life
– It is hidden & invisible

                                  SIGNS OF EVIL FOUNDATION
1. Short life- This affects your vision & dream
2. Profitless hard-work
3. Aimlessness – Not living a purposeful life
4. Sickness that defile medical diagnosis
5. Unexplainable marital distress/bad marriage/relationship
6. General backwardness
7. Inability to receive the power of Holy spirit
8. Difficulty in making spiritual progress (fasting, praying, reading the bible)
9. Constant failure at the edge of breakthrough
10. Collective family captivity
11. Being hated for no reason
12. Difficulty in sustaining God’s blessings

* Don’t joke with your destiny. Always have a sense of purpose
* Learn to fight your battle now for your children not to inherit it


  • Idolatry; This is a system of government that the devil uses to control people. It seeks help from other things apart from God e.g. reading of stars to find out about one’s life. Idolatry binds the heart of people making it difficult to know God. It locks out God out of our lives, homes, church or community or village or nation. It challenges the ministry of Jesus Christ. It takes us into captivity. 1 kings 12:13 Jeroboam brought idolatry in Israel and caused the Israelites to go to captivity. It makes one become captive in their own land and foreigners to rule over the citizens. The land also rejects its inhabitants. It silences the voice of the prophet.
  • Evil altars and evil names e.g. Abram meant barrenness, Jabez – Pain, Jacob – Liar, Rueben- Unstable in his ways.
  • Anger; It influences our prophetic foundations negatively because it stops us from obeying the commandment of God e.g. Moses. The anger in Moses found in Ex 2:1 came from Simeon and Levi in Gen 49:5. Moses was from the tribe of Levi. Moses was a man of God and he led children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land but never reached it because of anger which made him strike a rock instead of talking to it as God had commanded him. Ps 106:32-33, says that Moses spoke rashly with his lips saying, “Dig my roots and bring all evils that would challenge me in my walk with God.”  It is clear that Moses’ foundations ended his ministry prematurely.


  • We can be anointed with polluted anointing and use it to do exploits for God.
  • In Jude satan came to fight for Moses’s body because of anger but, Angel Michael came to contend with satan.
  • If the hedge is broken the serpent is empowered to bite.
  • Check for any loop holes in your foundations. Moses was stopped at the last city before the Promised Land because of faulty foundations. Ps 106:32-33, look into the lives of those who have lived ahead of you. Your destiny can be stopped


1. Total separation from the family idol
2. Carry out a physical and spiritual research on your life & background
3. Ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse you
4. Renounce your allegiance to the devil
5. Deal with satanic priest in-charge of your destiny

* When you disobey God, you disobey your destiny
* The devil you can’t locate you cannot dislodge

My prayer for you is that from these three lessons, you will identify and start dealing with the foundations in your life. Some prayer points that will help you include;

Eph 1:14-18, our investment is hidden in our foundations. We always need to pray thus, Lord open my eyes to see what the enemy has invested in me,

sAsk the Lord to arm you with boldness and strength to deal with my foundation,

Ask the Lord to strengthen your shoulders to carry the burden of my home, nation and church like Issachar and give me understanding.

Repent over the root of unforgiveness and anger. Go back to your roots and deal with all evil foundation teachings which have not been addressed in the church.

Ask the Lord to send you His delivering power and help me to deal with evil foundations.

Luke 4:18, Jesus came to speak deliverance to the captive. The Bible has been “closed” in the church as many people are not aware of the hindrance to enjoying their salvation.

Rom 8:20, creation groans and weights for the manifestations of the sons of God. You demon of my father’s house that attached itself to my life, leave me alone in Jesus name
Any evil foundation raised for my life, be crumbled in Jesus name

Evil foundation laid by my ancestors that is affecting my rising, break by fire in Jesus name
Every evil foundation speaking against my rising be uprooted in Jesus name
You power that tied my life to my father’s house, release me now by fire in Jesus name
I decree what stopped my father & mother in life will not stop me. Where they stopped I will not stop there in Jesus name
Blood of Jesus!!!!!!! set me free from every evil foundation
Every evil covenant attached to my foundation that is affecting every areas of my life, break by the blood of Jesus


Author: obadebolapraise

In simple and direct word, am just me, simple, domestic, naughty, gentle like a dove, comical, still a christian, priest. I am not normal but above normal i.e super human, domestic meaning I like house chores a lot. Am not a religious person cause Christianity is not a religion and much more that will drive you nuts if you want to get close.

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