Are there negative effects of masturbation or is it really a healthy and harmless way to release sexual tension as many believe? Is this really a safe practice for adolescents before marriage, or during a courtship to maintain “purity”?
The truth is masturbation will kill you – physically, mentally and spiritually. Let’s first look at how it ruins your body.
Masturbation and Stress
– why masturbation makes you feel better
When you masturbate, your brain releases dopamine and endorphins.
“Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that enables you to feel pleasurable emotions, and endorphins are chemicals released during stress and physical activity that allow you to recover and feel at ease…
Over time, this frequent release of brain chemicals can become addictive. Because endorphins and dopamine can help you cope with stress, people experiencing extraordinary stress or mental health problems are especially likely to become addicted to the release of these chemicals that occurs with masturbation.
Thus frequent masturbation can become an unhealthy coping mechanism that causes you to avoid – rather than address – your problems.”
According to a Dutch scientist Gert Holstege, “brain scans of orgasm resembled brains scans of shooting heroine.” This explains why.
Addicted to masturbation
“If you masturbate several times a day, your brain can become addicted to the release of powerful, pleasure-inducing chemicals. Moreover, it can become more difficult for your brain to release these chemicals without increasing stimulation.
“Consequently, you may need to masturbate more frequently or to more dramatic stimuli in order to receive the same pleasure you previously had. Many people become addicted to porn at the same time they become addicted to masturbation because pornography allows people to seek out increasingly graphic stimuli.
“When your brain is fiending for dopamine, you’re experiencing similar feelings to those of a heroin addict, so it makes no difference that you’re not actually ingesting a chemical substance.”
Like any addiction, your body will pay for it.

Chronic masturbation
Dr. Hernando Chavez, a sexologist and professor of human sexuality at the college level explains in an online article about the negative effects of masturbation. Though he believes masturbating is “one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself” he also acknowledges that “Biologically, chronic masturbating can affect our brain and body chemistry because it can overproduce sex hormones and neurotransmitters.
This overproduction impacts each person differently, and can range from:fatigue, pelvic pain, vision changes, lower back pain, testicular pain, or hair loss. There is current research that states increased testosterone production is linked to DHT production, which is associated with male pattern hair loss.”4
Whenever you tax one part of the body excessively it depletes your energies and breaks down your constitution because other parts of your body are robbed in order to compensate.
Here is a list of the negative effects of masturbation on the body.
Effects of masturbation on the body
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Nervousness
• Pain in the shoulders and side
• Pain in the back and legs
• Rheumatism – inflammation or pain in muscles, joints, or fibrous tissue
• Loss of appetite leading to weight loss
• Fluid retention (edema) – weight gain
• Insomnia
• Tiredness
• Great exhaustion after exercising
• Sallow countenance (your face looks like you have the flu – that sick, dead look)
• Loss of memory and sight
• Loss of concentration and focus (brain fog)
• Increased risk of cancer
• Abrasions or swelling of the penis
• Difficulty in performing real sexual intercourse because of a weak erection
• Premature ejaculation
• Semen leakage
• Reduced orgasm
• Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex
Not only will your body be affected, your mind will too.
The side effects of masturbation may be more than you bargain for.
What few people realize is that chronic masturbation will change the physical structure of your brain and can actually change your personality.
Thankfully, your brain is neuro plastic. It is moldable and changeable. You are not stuck with habits, addictions or personality those addictions have shaped. Behaviors you have learned you can unlearn and replace with healthy behaviors.
A man who viewed pornography and masturbated for 20 years was told by his doctor:
“You’ve destroyed your mind by fantasizing. You’ve dug a deep channel going in one direction. The rest of your mind is atrophied!”
He literally developed a “one track mind.” Sadly, he had a high level engineering brain and held a professional management position.
His habit was so neurologically destructive that he couldn’t remember anything and had to pack bags of chocolate for minimum wage. 5
Characteristics of chronic masturbation:
• Given to extremes
• Absent-mindedness
• Nervous in social settings, conversations are awkward
• Desire for isolation, yet has feelings of loneliness
• Easily irritated
• Can’t focus on work because their mind is elsewhere, daydreaming
• Does poor work because of inattentiveness but makes excuses
• Forgetfulness (poor retention leading to difficulty in school)
• Reluctance to engage in active labor
• Poor follow through (perseverance) on projects or tasks which require mental or physical strength
• Lazy
• Gloomy sadness upon the countenance
• Moodiness and depression
• Suicidal thoughts
• Easily excited to jealousy
• Generally pessimistic
• Sensitive to correction
• Little self-respect
Excessive masturbation: One man’s testimony
“I discovered this fantasy at the age of puberty when I was 16 and I am still doing it at the age of 27.
If I had spent my precious time doing something more important I would have been a great successful person now. However, now I am a pathetic loser. I don’t have a life, no girlfriend, no friends, no job, no nothing.
All I have are the symptoms of my stupid little habit, which are:
memory loss and very poor concentration, fatigue all the time, muscle cramp in legs and arms, short body, short and thin penis, lack of sleep, semen leakage, pain in testicles and abdomen, poor eye sight, fuzzy vision and eye floaters, back pain, shoulder pain, thin sperm, falling and thinning hair, weak bones, lack of interest in anything, guilt and shame, regret, depression, low self esteem and poor confidence to name but a few, although the list is too long;
the western scientists and doctors chat bulls shit that its perfectly fine to do it every now and again and it helps you keep healthy and learn the pleasure of sex.
But trust me, I am a living experienced addict and I know what it is like to have the symptoms of over-masturbation and sexual exhaustion.
They support the idea that it is harmless only to promote and encourage the use of pornography, which is a multi-billion business. Every day hundreds and millions of videos are produced for fools like me who spend their money and waste their precious life for a few moments of pleasure.
Trust me all my brothers who are reading this: I am now a living dead. I only eat, sleep and walk and that’s it. I’m not capable of doing nothing. But if you want to [have] success, do not masturbate. Good luck to everybody.”6
See here for more testimonies that will make you feel the urgency to begin overcoming masturbation.
If you are feeling as hopeless as this man, click on the Candeo link above and begin this excellent program for recovery. You can remain anonymous and have the help of trained coaches along with easy to watch videos about brain science and more. Don’t delay. Get your life back and reverse the negative effects of masturbation!
The negative effects of masturbation on your brain:
As if that weren’t enough, add the moral dimension.
Side effects of masturbation on the soul
– moral effects
• Increase of disobedience
• Manifestations of ingratitude
• Impatience under restraint
• Disregard of parental authority – especially when it comes to relationships
• Overpowering disposition to be in premature relationships
• Obsessive talk about crushes on the opposite sex
• Lying to parents so they can be in relationships against their parent’s wishes
• Controlled by lust and infatuation leading them to make foolish marriage commitments.
• Licentiousness – having sex outside of marriage or just fooling around
• Dead to spiritual things – little motivation for goodness, beauty of character and holy purposes
• Lose their soul – you cannot follow Christ and serve Satan at the same time.
• Temptation to commit sex crimes
If you want to glorify God, honor Him with your body and develop your mind and character to be a blessing to society and your future family, make an earnest resolution to begin overcoming masturbation today.
Side effect of masturbation
– how it hurts your future spouse
Thinking about another woman (or man) lustfully in your heart is adultery (Matthew 5:27-28). You are setting yourself up for infidelity.
It sets you up for unrealistic expectations in marriage of how your husband or wife should perform in bed. You will inevitably be disappointed.
It decreases your ability to perform when you do get married because your body develops a need for certain stimulation which is unrealistic in marriage (you need something more exciting, more provocative or more dangerous to be aroused. Also the friction of your hand is more abrasive than the friction of intercourse which leads to sexual frustration in marriage.)
Masturbation is often used as an escape or coping activity for stress, anger, loneliness, tiredness, or fear, keeping you from developing a dependency on Christ to minister to you in difficult times through His word.
It fuels a feeling oriented (not principle oriented), self-indulgent (not self sacrificing) attitude of life. A good marriage (or any relationship for that matter) grows and thrives when both parties look for opportunities to give, not take.
Your husband or wife will feel hurt, rejected, replaced, betrayed, and deceived if you carry this on into marriage. Without trust there can be no true intimacy.


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